I am an upcoming force in the fashion world. I am also currently self-employed
  1. Doesn't feel like I'm wearing pants
    Drop-crotch vibes barely brush ya legs. So much freedom for the knees and joints
  2. Cotton
    On cotton on cotton
  3. T-shirt reps Columbia University
    It makes me feel like I didn't trade a majority of my prime years (including an advanced collegiate career) for neon mouse ears. Also Kira gave it to me
  4. Underwear I bought at a drugstore in NYC
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    because I underpacked. Desperate times called for desperate undies, but they've since become a choice
  5. Bunch of tiny hoops and studs in my face and ears that I always forget about as well as a single pearl earring in my right earlobe
    so it looks like I accessorized
  6. Socks don't match
    This one is thrilling for me. I am usually very intentional about making them match, but sometimes they don't and I walk around on a secret
  7. Combat boots
    They look like a statement but were chosen as a convenience. V empowering tho
  8. I've been wearing it for 48 hours
    I remember throwing it on to answer the door on Wednesday night