I'm at some Comic Con event. I don't actually know what it is @bjnovak but this is what is happening here
  1. There's like a thousand avengers
  2. Hercules and Buffy are talking about golf courses in the green room
  3. The harry potter twins are chewing in unison
  4. Cool parents
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  5. I thought this small fan was in the Air Force but apparently it's a "Stargate" costume...?
  6. There's a lot of Smashmouth on the playlist here
    Did you know how many songs they have holy crap
  7. We're on forty three middle aged men getting signed photos "for my niece"
  8. Some guy looks like wolverine but I don't think this one actually means to he's just from New Zealand and sorta scary
  9. The intercom just announced "Calling all magic players"
    And I was all "coming playa"
  10. Sylvester McCoy tucked a napkin into his wizard blazer to eat
  11. Seriously
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  12. Update: they're done playing Smashmouth
  13. Nonstop Oingo Boingo now