During a recent conversation with @Nicholas, the misconceptions about the amount of caffeine in various coffee drinks became apparent (i.e. Coffee vs. espresso drinkers!) So let's solve those questions with a list....
  1. Brewed coffee: 95-200mg per 8oz
    Pay attention to serving sizes! A Starbucks Venti is 20oz. Also, darker roast coffee beans have less caffeine than the lighter roasts. (Roasting burns off the caffeine from the beans)
  2. Brewed single serve coffee: 75-150mg per 8oz
    Keurig or similar types from 'pod' machines
  3. Shot of espresso: 50-100mg per 2oz
    A shot of espresso is 2oz. Remember that lattes and most espresso drinks contain two shots.
  4. Cold brew coffee: 212-500mg per 8oz
    Since the beans come in contact with the water longer, more caffeine is extracted. Counter effect is the cold water does not extract as much as hot water. Varies by brand, some have up to 3x as much as regular coffee.
  5. Black tea: 40-120mg per 8oz
    Again, pay attention to your drink size. Also, longer brew times increase caffeine amounts.
  6. Green tea: 24-45mg per 8oz
  7. Ice tea: 50mg per 8oz
  8. Pepsi or Coke: 25-35mg per 12oz can
  9. Red Bull: 80mg per 8oz can
  10. Monster Energy: 160mg per 16oz can
  11. Hot chocolate: 3-13mg per 8oz
  12. The average American consumes 200mg of caffeine per day