Homemade almond milk is my staple, but my true favorite homemade nut milk is cashew. Runner up is pistachio, which works the same in this recipe. Even if you don't have a high performance blender like Vitamix or Blendtec, these nuts are soft enough that you'll still have success.
  1. Buy the best top quality, raw, organic nuts you can get your hands on.
  2. Soak 2 cups of cashews in 4 cups filtered water overnight in the fridge.
    Throw two dates in the water too. If you have a real vanilla bean, cut it in half lengthwise and throw that in there too.
  3. After soaking overnight, now you can brag about the size and quality of your nuts.
    The best quality cashews will have doubled or tripled in size.
  4. Toss into you blender:
    Pitted dates, cashews, a tsp of vanilla or almond extract, and the seeds you'll scrape from the vanilla bean if you're fancy like that. Add a pinch of sea salt, and lastly top off with the soaking water to fill to your blenders capacity.
  5. Blend for approximately 2 minutes, but be careful not to let the liquid heat up in your blender.
  6. Strain liquid through a 'nut sack'.
    Seriously, buying the best nut milk bag on Amazon only sets you back a few dollars, but is a game-changer. If you're not ready to commit, make your own by using cheesecloth, but I can no longer endorse this method. A good nut sack changed my life and I can't go back.
  7. Chill your cashew milk and enjoy!
    You will have about 2 cups and it will last about four days in your fridge. Use it in latte's, ice teas, cereal, or just drink it plain.