I ❀️ food
  1. β€’
    Brigadeiro 😍
    This is my favorite chocolate dessert and it's not a real Brazilian birthday party unless there's one table full of brigadeiros.
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    Pamonha doce
    Hmmm one of my top favorites. Made from sweet corn with cheese in the middle and wrapped in corn husks.
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    Another essential in the Brazilian diet 🀀. Shredded chicken and catupiry cheese fried. I can't explain how good it is.
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    You didn't really visit Brazil unless you tried feijoada. It's made with beans and pork and it's best served with cooked kale and farofa πŸ˜‹ (Google farofa It's also the best)
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    PΓ£o de queijo
    This is typical from Minas Gerais, my state ☺️. It's literally called "cheese bread" and it tastes like love. (Pro tip: If you ever pass by a Starbucks in Brazil, try their pão de queijo. It's one of the best I've ever had).
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    A candy made primarily of baked coconut. I just had this one today and that gave me the inspiration to create this list 🀣
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    Bolo de cenoura
    Carrot cake. This may not seem as Brazilian as the other ones but trust me, Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate it's the best you'll ever have. Specially if it was made by me or any grandmother.
  8. β€’
    Queijo Minas
    Another winner from my state (if you wanna try some seriously delicious foods skip all the other brazilian states and go straight to Minas Gerais πŸ™Œ). This is a very good cheese that doesn't smell AND, AND it's perfect for us lactose intolerants because it doesn't have any πŸ˜πŸ‘!!!
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    Mandioca frita
    You better believe me when I tell you: this is better than French fries. I mean I love French fries, but mandioca wins. I'm not sure but I guess the best translation would be "fried yucca sticks". 😍
  10. β€’
    Mini coxinha
    I can't believe I almost forgot this one: mini coxinha 😭 another staple at birthday parties. Even better than the regular size coxinha. Trust me on this one.
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    Canudo de doce de leite 😍
    Another one you can't miss