Photos On My Phone That Accurately Depict My Aesthetic

This is my first list! I'm a addict and I downloaded the app when it first came out but I never made a list because I'm lazy. Now it's 3:25am and I can't sleep so let's do this
  1. This picture I took last month of this amazing sunset 🌅
  2. This art from with my favorite band on it. YES. Still my favorite band.
    Picture from @iscreamcolour on Instagram
  3. This picture of this beautiful cherry blossom.
    I took this picture last month at my university 🎓 graduation day!
  4. Frida Kahlo!!! (And me) #eyebrowsonfleek
  5. This picture I took at Edifício Martinelli, São Paulo.
  6. This picture I took of my sister pretending to be looking for something in her bag.