These are some of the things she said to me this week via text.
  1. "Yes. Why do you think polar bears don't get cold??? Because of its fur??? NO! It's because they are FAT!!"
    I had sent her this screenshot and this was her reply.
  2. She recently started watching The O.C. (I know so late!) and this was her huge observation: "I loved that there are 52 year old actors playing teenagers in high school."
  3. She sent me a picture of a Halloween makeup look that didn't turn out the way she wanted. "I was going for full melted David Bowie, you know what I mean?" Of course.
  4. "I dont know who Amanda Knox is, but I quickly googled her and I'm very interested, tell me more."
  5. "You are so lucky you don't have any friends." 😂✌️️ my personal favorite!
    Which I replied with the best Kardashian quote of all time.