Inspired by @alanarogerrrrs
  1. Kylie Jenner can predict the future.
    You knew 2016 was a mess for sure when this Kylie Jenner interview started making total sense.
  2. University isn't for me. I graduated and now I'm done with it.
  3. Alone time is crucial for my mental health.
    Not in the mood to be bothered ever.
  4. Fuck what society and everyone else is thinking and saying to you!!!You do YOU! You are always right period. Be loyal to your desires and needs, don't listen to the noise! Tune out and live life according to your rules.
  5. Sometimes people you would do anything for won't do the same for you when you need them to.
    And that's NOT okay. Are you kidding me? No!! And it's my job to do a little bit less for them.
  6. Whatever you procrastinate on, will get worse and more difficult to solve when you actually decide to go ahead and do it/solve it. So the best time to solve a problem it's indeed today. You have until Friday.
    Think about anything you are procrastinating on. Now go ahead and DO IT!! Months from now this little thing will become huge and it will be a pain in the behind to do it. life is always messing around with us and we can't predict what's ahead.
  7. Thinking too much about the future will hurt you instead of motivating you.
  8. Trust nobody even when you feel like you can trust somebody. trust me: don't trust them!
  9. OMG Drake and I have the same shirt!!!
    First realization of 2017: Drake and I can share clothes when we move in together and I think that's beautiful.