Synchronicity, by matching means and ends without struggle, is a mysterious ingredient from the unconscious. It creates the appearance of good luck by carrying you beyond predicted outcomes. In spiritual terms, synchronicity is a soul connection, but there's no need to get hung up on terminology.
  1. Believe in the phenomenon. Set skepticism aside.
  2. In a calm, centered moment, ask inside for a solution.
  3. Have a clear intention. State what you want without conflict, confusion, or doubt.
  4. Await a response--it may be the total solution or it could be only a part of it, a clue you can follow the next needed piece of the puzzle.
  5. Be alert--your consciousness always responds, but it may happen unexpectedly.
  6. Be open minded. Synchronicity can use any channel, including strangers, overheard conversations, and advice from someone you tend to ignore.
  7. Keep repeating the above steps.
  8. Since all of these steps involve mental clarity, taking up regular meditation is one of the strongest ways to clear the mind and open pathways to deeper levels of awareness. Some people are able to follow this approach without mapping it out consciously; they were born to make their own luck.
  9. The rest of us can learn how to, because activating synchronicity is a skill that becomes easier the more you practice. Everyone has a level of the mind where solutions naturally arise. All you need to do is contact it and make it your ally.