What can we all do to bring peace into our lives, our communities and the world?
  1. Let's reflect on this and not be reactive to violence. Violence recycles itself as violence. If there is one reason for violence that we can all point to, it is: Lack of self-awareness.
  2. Become aware of your own self.
  3. Go back to the place inside you which is beyond thought. That place inside you is stillness, peace, equanimity, joy, compassion, love, empathy, inter-connectivity, and inseparability.
  4. Once we can go to that place inside of us then we realize that there is no way to peace, Peace is the way.
  5. Peace is our inner most being. If we can shift our reference point to that place then our thoughts will be peaceful. Our emotions will be love, compassion, empathy and joy. Our speech will be peaceful. Our actions will be peaceful.
  6. How do we prevent the recycling of what is happening? We all need to engage in mindful practices that can result in peace consciousness.
  7. Be peace. Feel peace. Think peace. Speak peace. Create peace. Act peacefully.
  8. Today, take five minutes to meditate for peace. Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Put your attention on your heart and inwardly repeat these four words: Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love. Allow these words to radiate from your hearts stillness into your body.
  9. As you end your meditation, say to yourself, Today I will relinquish all resentments and grievances.
  10. "When a person is established in nonviolence, those in his vicinity cease to feel hostility." —Patanjali (Ancient Indian Sage)