1. Musician.
    I've been quite immersed in music to the point that I want to make it. I'm currently toying with songs & relearning piano, & even if I don't make it big, I'd definitely feel personal satisfaction of creating something & for representing minorities in the industry.
  2. Journalist/Writer
    I've always been more of a writer than a mathematician, and I like the idea of working independently. I want to move people with words - call them to action, come to an understanding, & be an integral part of human history.
  3. Event Planner
    I often come across as soft-spoken, but I actually enjoy leading groups & organize projects, & often do so in my spare time. I love being part of something that brings people together on common ground.
  4. Business Owner
    A dream of mine is to run & own a coffee barcade. My body hates alcohol, I'm a night owl, & don't like going to clubs much, but I'm hooked on caffeine & know video games well. Why not run something I'm familiar with? I'm sure I'm not the only introvert who wants to be part of some kind of night life.