it's really no different from a weekday list, but I hope it comes handy if you prefer to spend your weekends away from people.
  1. Mikgazer
    Shoegaze + Vocaloid = pure bliss
  2. Tricot - Setsuyakuka
    This ultra talented math-rock band from Kyoto are back with the single, Setsuyakuka being a delectable sample of what's more to come in their new EP Kabuku.
  3. Lizard Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity
    If you're going to spend 40 mins browsing the internet, I suggest letting this album play to keep you company. The psychedelic rock band from Melbourne released Nonagon Infinity, last month, & it's their most ambitious album yet; it plays seamlessly from 1 track to the next & before you know it, you're transported back to the beginning, ready for a 2nd listen.
  4. Todd Terje & The Olsens - Firecracker
    Whether you like going out or having a party in your imagination, request the DJ to play Todd Terje's new single (which is also a cover from Yellow Magic Orchestra), & be sure to check the rest of his album "The Big Cover Up" when it's released on June 17.
  5. Marcus D - The Lone Wolf (LP, 2015)
    Whether you're coming down from a party high or chillin' n Netflix'n at home, Marcus D's bittersweet Japanese melodies & inner city beats knows how to get anyone to wind down and wrap up a weekend.