Why I Love Shoegaze Music.

  1. It's made by introverts for introverts
  2. Feminist roots
    I adore the Riot Grrrl movement, but back then, shoegaze bands welcomed the notion of including girls in bands, so long as they were talented & passionate. Many influential bands were even led and founded by female members. Likewise, guys were encouraged to express their softer & emotional sides. Both concepts were a nice breather from the male dominated mainstream rock movements of the previous decade.
  3. Dual Nature
    I struggle with dual identities as an Asian-American, and I find it aurally pleasing to hear and relate to music that involves contrasting components, that is, heavily distorted guitars w/soft vocals, that ends up meshing well into something beautiful.
  4. It ages well.
    It's simple in structure, but has room for improvisation & amendments (think Depreciation Guild's fuzzy guitars meets chiptunes), & it's lyrically universal. Though sounds have a quintessential 90s vibe, retired bands have often found themselves returning to the stage for new, young fans.
  6. It's "The Scene That Celebrates Itself".
    Rather than competing with one another, shoegaze bands have long held a sense of comradary with other like-minded bands that not many other scenes share. Even though it was big in the UK, shoegaze never took widespread hold like grunge, even today, thus creating bubbles of small, but dedicated fans & musicians around the world's independent scene.