1. No one fills the middle seat
    No one is fooling us, we all know that seats are getting smaller and airlines are cramming more of us in like sardines. Extra space is like a gift from the travel gods and can be an unexpected reprise from limb containment. What do you do with all of this new real estate? Get a meal and enjoy eating like a normal person and not like a praying mantis.
  2. Watching the sunrise/sunset while not on the earth
    Traveling for work takes you away from family and friends and right out of your comfort zone. Take the time to ponder the engineering and technological advancements that have allowed you to travel thousands of miles, at tens of thousands of feet above the planet in a matter of hours. Look out the window and enjoy the planet from a different vantage point.
  3. Chocolate
    It just makes everything better. If you bring some to share with your row neighbors that makes you an amazing person (even if they decline you are a super star for asking).
  4. Being polite and kind to the flight attendants
    Let's face it, your attendant has to deal with a lot of jerks in his or her day. Kindness only breeds kindness and I have seen faces literally transformed when I use the word "please", or give my flight attendant a compliment or praise.
  5. Be thankful
    Think about the millions of people who will never fly in their lifetime because they don't have the economic means or status. Be thankful that you aren't on a bus.