1. Full Time Netflix Viewer
    If you get the job of a Tagger at the Netflix media company, you show up every day and watch movies and television series before they are made available to customers. It sounds ideal, spending hours getting to see the wonderful world of film in a leisurely setting. There is one drawback: you don’t decide what you get to watch – that is up to Netflix.
  2. App Developer
    There are nowhere near enough of them available to meet the public’s desire for more apps.
  3. IMAX Screen Cleaner
    Who cleans these vast, wide IMAX screens? Keep in mind, those screens are eight stories high and it can take over seven hours to do the job! It takes an expert who has to prove his or her professional skill at ensuring these enormously expensive object will be treated carefully and the job done to perfection. A very long pole with soft fiber attached (microweave or lamb’s wool) is used to sweep across the screen in even rows horizontally and vertically. No Windex, thank you.
  4. Air Nanny
    A number of airlines have decided to control screaming children and help distracted parents of those children – not to mention passengers aboard the flight – by arranging to have “nannies” on board.
  5. Professional Ethical Hacker
    The average salary of an ethical hacker starts around $90,000.00. They are considered to be worth their weight in gold because they find problems and vulnerabilities in a company’s computer security systems.
  6. Chief Listening Officer
    This is someone hired by a company to actively – and avidly – follow social media and find out what people think and feel about the company. No more questionnaires or sudden stops on the street for random opinions.