Does this time of year make you stressed? Stress is like a virus. It can spread like wildfire, Don't be swept away by the stress express train.
  1. Lavender, Drop everyone's stress level down a notch by using the king of stress busters! Defuse it into the air,add a few drops to hot water bottle. Burn a lavender candle, place some lavender in your pillow case. It really does work to keep things calm.
  2. Honey, A teaspoon mixed with your favorite tea.
  3. Vitamin C Citrus fruits and juices fight off any bug.
  4. Rose oil Pamper your skin! Pamper yourself by making sure the biggest organ you have stays soft and nourished by moisturizing well after your shower or bath.
  5. Herbal teas Try soothing blends like chamomile to ease tension or to cleanse away any sluggish feeling.
  6. Breathe! Slow deep breaths will calm you if your feeling fraught.
  7. Spices cook with plenty of garlic, ginger,and chilies over the winter months. They are all wonderful at boosting your immunity.
  8. Sachets Make a small pouch or sachet of thyme and eucalyptus.
  9. Warm it up! Keep your environment comfortable by snuggling under blankets, lighting a candles to represent hearth.
  10. Chicken soup it is both warming and comforting, and has been proven to be effective against symptoms of the common cold.
  11. A winter hug from me! Stay warm and well xo