My turn.
  1. I have what cat breeders call a tipped tongue. I call it my other nose.
  2. I started the whole ombré hair thing. Your hairdressers use me as inspiration.
  3. I've been on TV. America's Next Cat Star on Animal Planet has had their crews out at our house.
  4. I'm a social media whore. I have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat and twitter. I love you.
  5. I am collecting a ball of tinfoil for the next alien invasion. I've got the hairless females trained to wad tinfoil up and toss it as if it were a toy. They are unprepared. I shall prevail.
  6. I live in the Midwest. I do not get to go out in the Midwest, but I see it out the window.
  7. I've "the mind control chip" installed. It's an option that came with the tongue.
    Yes, I made her do that.
  8. I refuse to use a dirty litter box.
  9. My arch enemy is a llama.
    Story on Instagram. @asherthewonderllama