Inside the mind of a master pisser.
  1. Clean litter box
    As the human is pouring fresh never stepped on pee dirt.
  2. I love peeing on oven mitts.
    Please leave one on the countertop. I dare you.
  3. Left a pair of underpants on the floor?
    I will mark them for you. A random sock will do as well.
  4. I like the sink you use to brush your teeth.
    Better not drop a contact lens in there.
  5. Warm fresh clean laundry, in the basket and fresh from the dryer.
    I want the human to find my gift of scent while at work. You know, they will be sitting there thinking they smell cat pee- then eventually find the source (bra) has pee on it.
  6. That cat repellent plant you bought is a joke. I pee in it's pot.
    Yup, you bought into the 'Scaredy Cat" plant concept.. And I proved it wrong. All. The. Way.
  7. Anywhere in the sun porch is fair game.
    It's outdoors, right?
  8. Boxes. Any box.
    They're all mine. I will make them all mine.