1. It's good comedy watching someone try to weave through bumper to bumper traffic.
  2. There's always a guy who will slam on the gas every turn you inch up. Inevitably he will instantly slam on his breaks as he only moved two feet.
  3. Truck drivers apparently think this the Indy 500 and will try to pass in the most dangerous fashion.
  4. You'll get a bad feeling driving behind a pickup with poorly secured pipes. Thanks Final Destination movies.
  5. Someone will be having the most intense jam session in their car, and it will usually involve "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Living on a Prayer" or "Can't Touch This."
  6. Every time you pass over a hill into a complete stop you can hear the exasperated sighs coming from everyone driving next to around you.
  7. At least it's not Florida traffic.