My dog Freddie (a dachshund) died when I was 9. My parents said if I researched the best dog for our family, we could get one. I decided on the Chinese Shar-pei. They decided not to get another dog...
  1. Shar-pei translates to Sand Skin because their coat is actually quite rough to the touch.
  2. In the early 80s, there were only 13 Shar-pei on the planet. After Neiman Marcus listed them as "his and her" rare pets for $2000 a piece in their holiday catalogue, Shar-pei's popularity sky-rocketed.
  3. It's the only dog besides the Chow Chow that has a purple tongue.
  4. They were originally bred for fighting. The loose skin around their necks makes it difficult for other dogs to bite them and even if they do bite down on the loose skin, the Shar-pei can stretch their skin enough to reach and bite the other dog's neck.
  5. They're very aloof, not fond of strangers.
  6. They weigh 45-55lbs.
  7. They stand between 17-21 inches tall, at the withers.
  8. As puppies they are more wrinkly and grow into their skin.
  9. The acceptable coat colors are black, white, cream, fawn, brown, red and blue.
  10. There are miniature Shar-pei, but they are not recognized by the AKC.
  11. They have all sorts of fucked up health problems because humans bred them like this.
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