BJ, how'd you know I needed to get this off my chest? These are my personal favorites...
  1. "Swedish Goggles" (aka Malmsten)
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    The real deal. The swimmer's google. They're sold in a little plastic bag, disassembled, and you get to custom build them. They come in several colors, even mirrored for outdoor swimming. The best part, they're 5 bucks ($15 mirrored). But don't wear them open water swimming in a triathlon or something because there's no padded eye gasket and if you get kicked, you're fucked.
  2. Speedo Speed Socket
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    These goggles are off the fucking chain. Crazy comfortable. Never leak. Best anti-fog I've seen. Super durable strap that lasts forever.
  3. Speedo Vanquisher
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    Love these goggles. Very comfortable. Different sized nose pieces for custom fit. Hate the strap. No give or stretch. Wouldn't race in them.
  4. TYR Velocity
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    Solid goggles. Very customizable. Good for training or racing.
  5. TYR Special Ops Uni of Wisco Edition
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    Because Uni of Wisconsin.
  6. Nike Remora
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    The only Nike goggles I've ever worn. I was suspect about Nike getting in the swim game, but curious. The Remora are solid. Good goggles. Comfortable and good anti-fog.