Depressed? Sure, but you're pretty fucking rad, so go out in a way that says "dope, right?"
  1. Jump into jet engine, while "chucking double deuces."
  2. Elbow drop on a land mine.
  3. Ride a motor cycle.
  4. Baywatch sprint into lava, with whistle and floaty thing.
  5. Bungee jump, but when they offer the bungee just say NAH.
  6. Go to an amazing hotel with beautiful people and sit in the hot tub... Til you die.
  7. Run at a moving truck, arms open, shouting COME TO PAPA!
  8. Lay down a sword, and do a barefoot rail slide across it. You'll bleed out!
  9. Rollerskate down the building from Adventures in Babysitting.
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  10. Order a Subway six foot Bacon Chicken Ranch and eat it by yourself, obvs Periscope this.
  11. Jump into shark infested waters holding your nose ironically.
  12. Skip across a NASCAR race track licking a lollipop.
  13. Ride a wrecking ball, just like Miley! But into a building. Like Amoeba or something.
  14. Face fuck an electric eel, brah!