1. Fingers Crossed
    Quit fuckin around and make this happen.
  2. Air Quote Fingers
    Fun to be had that ain't being had.
  3. A Dog and Cat 69ing.
    This obviously represents Armageddon.
  4. Hitler
    Got a feeling it would be a hit for all sorts of reasons.
  5. Naked Mole Rat
  6. Compound Fracture Leg
    In case of emergency.
  7. Lone Mustache
    This is the age of the stache. Come on.
  8. Circumcision
    This is a no brainer.
  9. Five O'Clock Shadow Smiley Face
    When you feel dat way.
  10. Leg Humping Dog
  11. Rhinos Fucking
    A must.
  12. A burrito!
    Suggested by @Lena
  13. An Emoji that indicates you're being sarcastic… That is until sarcasm font is invented
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  14. Taco
    This implies way more than a burrito (which should also be included for strictly Burrito related reasons)
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  15. Hot dog
    Suggested by @kristin