1. Always Be My Baby
    You. Will. Move. To. This.
  2. Dreamlover
    Game changer.
  3. Heartbreaker
    "...scribble down I hate ya." Jerry O'Connell in the video. Perfect.
  4. Fantasy
    Mariah got naughty on this one.
  5. Hero
    You trying to cry? Put this on and blast.
  6. Honey
    She was on fi-yah.
  7. Emotions
    Church. This is the first time all heard The Note.
  8. All I Want For Christmas
    Almost forgot bout this one. Is this the newest legit Christmas song?
  9. I'll Be There
    You believe every word. You know MJ was like damn.
  10. One Sweet Day
    Daughters and Dads dance to this shit and connect like whoa.
  11. Shake It Off
    My personal JAM.
  12. I Don't Wanna Cry
    Strength in melody.
  13. We Belong Together
    She really rides a dope rhythm on this one.
  14. Someday
    This shit lift you higher than high when you're lower than low.
  15. Touch My Body
    Catchy catchy catchy.
  16. Love Takes Time
    White moms will cook to this jam.
  17. It's Like That
    Mariah took it to the club.
  18. Without You
    Ballad of ballads.
  19. Vision of Love
    She really belts on this joint.