You had to be there.
  1. My first one.
    Changed everything. No skipping. Custom mixes. Cut all the skits you want from rap albums. Nix that shitty first song from the album. It lasted two years with HEAVY play.
  2. My second one.
    Stepped the game up. More functionality. Easier to use. I Bought it refurbished cause it was $$$. It quickly malfunctioned and I took it back and they kindly exchanged it for the even newer and improved...
  3. My last one.
    A beast. From the future. Perfect. The last music player I would ever buy. Then, this new thing called the iPod came out. Crazy expensive. A luxury item. Not in my reach. Yet.
  4. Then a New Dawn.
    My graduation present. Again, the iPod changed everything as most of us know. And so my last minidisc player was placed on a shelf only to become a memory. If that. I find some of my old minidiscs once in a while, in a drawer or a box and think... man, minidisc was my muhfuckin' shit for a minute.