I'm really not up on the BBC shows like I wish I was. Sorry, BJ. But everyone else, please make your suggestions!!!
  1. Suggestions...?
  2. The Fall.
    Scary, brilliant, and amazingly acted. Gillian Anderson is phenomenal.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  3. Black Mirror
    Stories of where we are headed because of our need for technology. Like the twilight zone, but in the tech future.
    Suggested by @michelle
  4. The Catherine Tate Show
    If you like comedy, this is a fantastic skit show. I was introduced to it because Catherine was one of the Doctor's companions in Doctor Who. She's really funny.
    Suggested by @michelle
  5. Torchwood
    A Doctor Who spin off. captain Jack Harkness is a prevalent character in Doctor Who, but when he's not assisting the Doctor, he's got his own team working on fighting the supernatural!
    Suggested by @michelle
  6. The IT Crowd.
    Phenomenal Seinfeld-esque comedy that launched Chris O'Dowd's career. They have tried to make an American version of it and failed.
    Suggested by @Aliiice