These aren't THE BEST, but they're MY top 30. No Heroes isn't on this list. I know...
  1. Word on a Wing
    Off Station to Station. First dance with my wife.
  2. Teenage Wildlife
    off (my fave album) Scary Monsters
  3. Five Years
    Opens Ziggy Stardust. Best first track ever?
  4. Modern Love
    Off Let's Dance, a great great GREAT album.
  5. Young Americans
    Sometimes it's in Sixteen Candles, sometimes it's not. Weird.
  6. As the World Falls Down
    Labyrinth people. Labyrinth.
  7. Soul Love
    Off Ziggy
  8. TVC 15
    Off Station to Station
  9. Under Pressure
    Come on. Unreal.
  10. Rock n Roll Suicide
    On Ziggy
  11. Sound and Vision
    Off LOW
  12. Absolute Beginners
    weird movie.
  13. Drive In Saturday
    The reason I say my name is BUDDY when I order food, besides having a name that's beyond possible to say or hear.
  14. Amsterdam
    Cover of a Jacques Brel song off Pin Ups.
  15. Let's Dance
    You know it.
  16. Fascination.
    This song riiiiips.
  17. Life On Mars?
    Heavy heavy song.
  18. In the Heat of the Morning
    A lil way back doggie.
  19. Win
    Off Young Americans. A wave of Bowie washing over you.
  20. Queen Bitch
    You can look up the rest, right?
  21. China Girl
    The next ten could fall in any order, but to me can't go without mention.
  22. Rebel Rebel
  23. Ziggy Stardust
  24. 1984
  25. Eight Line Poem
  26. Blue Jean
    I dig it.
  27. John I'm Only Dancing
  28. Golden Years
  29. Cygnet Commitee
  30. Memory of a Free Festival