You guys really dropped the ball on these. So re-listable. So fun. Real favorite material. But noooo. Well, guess what, they're back, baby.
  1. The Only Thing You Need to Watch Today
    I wasn't joking when I posted this and yet you guys just went right past it. The Catfish victim on this Dr. Phil episode is the most extraordinary person on TV ever. Raw. Just watch. Trust.
  2. Best Corey Haim Movies
    No Haim fans? Ooooook.
  3. Cast of Gigolos: Best to Worst
    Have you not watched every episode? THATS crazy.
  4. Things They'll Find Draining The Silver Lake Reservoir...
    Short. Pretty funny. A controversial burn. Did I cross the line? Was it not funny? Was it too right? Too real?
  5. Videos of People Playing Music From Metroid on Piano
    This one took some time on my part. I even put in some links for you guys. No love.