Snap shots of track lists included. Not sure how visible they are...
  1. A Love Letter to Eric Nies
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    Freestyle music of The Grind era.
  2. Songs You ALMOST Kill Yourself To
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    You're about to end it, shit sucks, but then the song grabs you, lifts you up, and you decide to give it another day.
  3. Full Seat Cottons with Print
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  4. Bossanova Crazy ILL mix.
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    The title says it all?
  5. Boo-Yah 🔲'd Mix
    Mixtape whereabouts unknown.
  6. Bad Boy Bill Bizness
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    BBB was a radio DJ in Chicago on B96 during the height of house music. Found these recording online. So many out there. Get nuts.
  7. Men With Feelings
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    These dudes break it the fuck down.
  8. Beat It Mix
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    These are songs of music videos that I beat it to in the way back, hence... I know, you didn't ask.
  9. Deep Tissue
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    These tracks really get in there, loosen you up, get the blood flowing.
  10. Now This is a Party
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    Made this in 2006 or 2007? I think?
  11. Pill Mix
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    If Rude Jude ever lets me get on. All Out Show. The best.