I saw you guys all doing it, so I thought I'd try it out! Here goes it!!!
  1. Me and two good friends I grew up with, b boy stance, last month in LA.
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  2. Me in the booth with Rowdy Gaines at US Swimming Nationals. He's awesome!
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  3. No idea what this is from!
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  4. This is an awesome quilt by artist Ben Venom. Def check him out.
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  5. Pic of Police Academy DVD I scored. Four fine films on one disc? Come up.
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  6. Weird... Ha. Another little pageant girl or whatever they're called.
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  7. Ok, I'm just picking random pics from my phone. They're not all-- I'm not-- lets just move on.
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  8. Oh, perfect. Here's a pic OF a pic I drew in high school. Mom was cleaning out the ol' room back home. I gotta start drawing again! More random pics!
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  9. ... I'll just keep going.
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  10. I can't... I just thought it would be a fun listapp thing to do. Other people were doing it. I didn't realize-- next pic, next pic.
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  11. Here we go. Selfie from comic con a few years ago. SUCH a good time. Way more fun than a beauty pageant or something like that.
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  12. ...Happy late Memorial Day?
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