I saw you guys all doing it, so I thought I'd try it out! Here goes it!!!
  1. Me and two good friends I grew up with, b boy stance, last month in LA.
  2. Me in the booth with Rowdy Gaines at US Swimming Nationals. He's awesome!
  3. No idea what this is from!
  4. This is an awesome quilt by artist Ben Venom. Def check him out.
  5. Pic of Police Academy DVD I scored. Four fine films on one disc? Come up.
  6. Weird... Ha. Another little pageant girl or whatever they're called.
  7. Ok, I'm just picking random pics from my phone. They're not all-- I'm not-- lets just move on.
  8. Oh, perfect. Here's a pic OF a pic I drew in high school. Mom was cleaning out the ol' room back home. I gotta start drawing again! More random pics!
  9. ... I'll just keep going.
  10. I can't... I just thought it would be a fun listapp thing to do. Other people were doing it. I didn't realize-- next pic, next pic.
  11. Here we go. Selfie from comic con a few years ago. SUCH a good time. Way more fun than a beauty pageant or something like that.
  12. ...Happy late Memorial Day?