1. I prefer bar soap.
    Liquid soap leaves a film. No?
  2. I don't like Avacado or Guacamole.
    More for you.
  3. I think Madonna's Immaculate Collection is great workout music.
    Cardio at least.
  4. I think all beer and alcohol taste gross. Zero exceptions.
    LOVE the affect though.
  5. I will not join you for Tapas.
    I just want my own food. That's all.
  6. I think bacon ruins Cheeseburgers.
    Too much flavor. And hard to bite through, so you end up pulling it out and then lettuce and onions fall out. Come on, you know what I'm talking about.
  7. I don't brush my teeth at night.
    The taste keeps me awake. My teeth are fine (the real ones at least).
  8. I think Enlightened might be the best show ever.
    The Luke Wilson rehab episode...
  9. I don't love Star Wars.
    Before my time. The movie, not the story. I think.
  10. Fleet Foxes. Not for me.
    Just not for me.
  11. I think the screenplays for Galaxy Quest and The Girl Next Door are perfect.
    Tight as a drum.
  12. Can't understand Reddit
    I'm too old.
  13. I think Oysters are foul.
    I'm convinced you're all pretending to like them as a mass joke on me because they are guh-ross.
  14. To me, Exile on Main Street is OK.
    Just didn't click with me. And I can hear the looks you're giving me.
  15. I'm not a rainfall shower guy.
    You have to step completely out of the water and freeze to wash your hair???
  16. Coffee is gross IMO.
    It tastes like math teacher breath.