Hit me with some other deep cuts if you got'em.
  1. "Fast Pool."
    This comes down to depth, gutters, and bullshit.
  2. "Dry Land."
    Basically Crossfit before Crossift, minus the Olympic weight lifting and probably done in a speedo and sneakers outdoors.
  3. "Deck Change"
    When you change in or out of your speedo on the deck with just a towel around your waist. Classic high school move hoping girls think you're cool.
  4. "HUP!"
    You shout this repeatedly to cheer on breaststrokers when they breathe.
  5. "Stroke count"
    If you're good, you know your stroke count per length.
  6. "Good walls."
    This means someone is good at dolphin kicking underwater after pushing off the wall from a turn.
  7. "Outside smoke."
    When someone wins a race from an outside lane. The fastest swimmers are always positioned in the center lanes.
  8. "200 SKIPIM"
    This is a warm up. 200 swim 200 kick 200 pull 200 IM
  9. "J NATS" or "Juniors"
    This is the Junior Nationals swim meet.
  10. "20 point."
    This refers to clocking under 21 seconds in the 50 freestyle, but not breaking 20.
  11. "Double O"
    1 minute.
  12. "Going on the top/bottom."
    Starting a set when the clock second hand hits 60/30.
  13. "2IM."
    200 yard or meter individual medley (swimming all strokes, butterfly back breast free).
  14. "Psyche Sheets"
    List of all swimmers in a meet per event, ranked by time, before lane assignments are given.
  15. "Sammy Save Up"
    Someone that plays possum in a race or more annoyingly, during a set at practice.
  16. "Stroke Rate" or "Turnover"
    Speed of swimmer's strokes.
  17. "Dash for Cash"
    Youngbloods don't know about this shit right here... http://bit.ly/1TPqcbC
  18. Shaved and Tapered
    Technical term used to describe the physical state of a swimmer who has gradually reduced his or her workout regime over the course of weeks or months in preparation for a major competition. This is concluded with the shaving of all pay hair to A.) Reduce drag and B.) Remove the outermost layer of skin.
    Suggested by @captainmaher
  19. Paper suit
    A type of swimsuit you'd wear (in the 80s/early 90s) for a big meet like JNats when you're fully shaved and tapered. They were paper thin, pretty much cut into your skin, and the lady version was nearly impossible to remove from one's body when wet.
    Suggested by @Abby