Feel free to add...
  1. Where the Wild Things Are
    Arcade Fire + Gorgs (see Fraggle Rock) + exploding leaf heaps = Perfection... for 90 seconds at least.
  2. Marie Antoinette
    Again the music. New Order. The horse running. What's her name, zipping down those stairs in the gown. Great.
  3. American Sniper
    Seemed like it could be good.
  4. Godzilla (2014)
    Bryan Cranston's terrified VO speech. Those sky divers with smoke trails dropping through the clouds. The all-dude church choir getting louder and louder. And finally, the glimpse of a badass Gozilla at the very end. Amazing. Then it turns out Cranston's barely in the movie. Da fuk?
  5. All Transformers Movies
    The scale of these CGI sequences always makes me think I should see them. But Naw.
  6. The Wrestler (tie)
    Both were AMAZING. Don't get me wrong. But I cried during the trailer and not the movie.
  7. Terminator: Salvation
    They gave away the whole twist of the movie in the trailer?!!! But those motorcycle terminators were the shit.
  8. Troy
    I didn't see the movie actually, but remember all those boats and when Brad Pitt jumped at the camera with that little sword out.
  9. Miami Vice
    Suggested by @charlie
  10. Pearl Harbor
    One of the all-time great trailers imo, the FDR voiceover, the plane flying by the kids playing Little League - then a massive bust of a movie.
    Suggested by @helytimes
  11. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Suggested by @erichutchinson
  12. Blow
    It's not a bad movie, but it's a top-five all time trailer. Ram Jam FTW
    Suggested by @jackd