We assume....
  1. Will Ferrell - Toyota Land Cruiser
    Nice car, but Toyota (starts at 83K?!?!). Big enough for a 6'5" guy. He lets the dogs go crazy in it (I'm assuming he has dogs).
  2. Reese Whitherspoon - Audi Q5
    Nice lil SUV, sits up high but not too big. Space for yoga mat and groceries in the back. Black for sure (by for sure I mean, I assume).
  3. @bjnovak - BMW Gran Tourismo
    The 5 series version. A quality German brand with contemporary rear styling, but he often talks about the Prius he had forever and its shortcomings (again, I assume). Am I way off @bjnovak ?
  4. Larry David- Toyota Prius
    He has so much money he doesn't even care about showing it off. He cares about the environment. Doesn't drive any kids around. Just for him to get from Point A to Point B. He would say he doesn't really "get" cars.. I assume.
    Suggested by @taner_banana
  5. Richard Gere - 2003 Chrysler Sebring convertible
    He just loves the feeling of the wind in his hair as he drives between Napa vineyards for the wine tastings I assume he attends frequently.
    Suggested by @allysonarno
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Converted military Humvee in desert camo (this is fact, not supposition). Why? Because he's Arnold Fucking Schwarzenegger.
    Suggested by @dev
  7. Chuck Norris
    ALL the cars.
    Suggested by @AceBanks
  8. @mindy - AMG G63 SUV
    Mindy is obviously every 30 something's dream BFF, as mine she would drive a sporty SUV. Perfect for driving to work, going shopping & the occasional weekend trip!
    Suggested by @andreamlucio
  9. Chris Pratt - Jeep Grand Cherokee
    A recent upgrade from what I assume was his last car, a soft-too red Jeep Wrangler, always muddy, that didn't have doors, since he and Anna Farris have a kid(s?) now. Rugged, but semi-luxurious, without being ostentatious. Plenty of trunk space. I'm assuming black, with semi-tinted windows so he can be low-key. This is a car that says, "I'm a cool parent, I'm a laid back Parent, I can be responsible but still relevant."
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  10. Cameron Dias has a Prius!
    Suggested by @dblucio
  11. Adam Devine drives a Saab 9-3 convertible in navy blue, with an attachable pony tail for long drives down the pch.... I assume.
    Suggested by @Rsmith311
  12. Adam Scott definitely drives a Volkswagen Golf barefoot
    Suggested by @KashOnAir