Destucticon 2016

My friend used to throw a party every year where we took our years worth of aggression out on household appliances. This year was the last one. So this list is my way of bidding farewell to this bizarre event.
  1. Destucticon
    My friend, Ryan Kinney is a visual and conceptual artist who created this bizarre event that seeks to bridge the gap between creation and destruction.
  2. Broken VHS tapes in the Pond
    People knock them into the pond with baseball bats.
  3. Smashed Microwave
    This microwave met it's fate via broken vaccum cleaner.
  4. A destructo-painting
    Made by breaking glass jars of paint on the canvas.
  5. Busted chair
    Everything looks cooler with a neat filter.
  6. TVs with paint splatter 1
    Old TVs made a boom when you bash them with sledge hammers.
  7. TVs with Paint splatter 2
  8. TVs with Paint Splatter 3
  9. Angrinaut
    An Angrinaut in its natural environment.
  10. Chaos Mix
    Peanut M&Ms, regular M&Ms, Skittles, who knows what else? Its absolute insanity.
  11. Angrinaut
    Me with a vaccum cleaner I used as a weapon. Good times.
  12. Pretty garbage
    A cute metaphor for this whole event.
  13. The first Angrinaut...
    The last Angrinaut...