Five Living Poets You Need to Know About

  1. Buddy Wakefeild
    Check out the album "Live At The Typer Cannon Grand". Especially the poems "Convience Stores" and "Human The Death Dance".
  2. Taylor Mali
    Check out the album "Icarus Airlines". One track that always messes me up is "Depression too, is a kind of fire". Also "Bodhisattva".
  3. Andrea Gibson
    Andrea's work is so brutal and honest. Poems like "See Through" and "Walmart" really rip through you with force while poems like "Asking Too Much" are adorable does to being in love.
  4. Veronica Hopkins
    An Erie, PA poet who knows how to move a room with her performances. Her chapbook "Quiet Conquistadors" was released on 2014 by Poets Hall Press
  5. Amit Majmuudar
    Recent dubbed Ohio's first Poet Laureate. His new book "Dothead" is brilliant alice of life poetry that is a window into his unique experience of America.