If the guy who invited Walkie-Talkies named other things...

Feel free to add to the list in comments.
  1. Barkie-Sparkies
    Shock collars for dogs.
  2. Smokie-Choakies
  3. Toastie-Roasties
    Kitchen ovens.
  4. Doomie-Shoomies
    Mushroom clouds.
  5. Snootie-Foodies
    Food critics.
  6. Lookie-Cookie
    Cook Book. Suggested by Terry
  7. Slurpy-Burpie
    Soda pop added by @PeteOnEarth
  8. Scanty-Panties
    Tiny underwear added by @yael11
  9. Burly-Girly
    A female bodybuilder.