Some Awesomely nerdy Designs and Photography

Full disclosure: This is all work created by my friends at Dream Into Design, a husband and wife duo that does nerdy niche photography, graphic design, and other artsy and crafty things. Find more about them at or I'm not getting paid for this. i just really like them.
  1. They make Pikachu Faces, or whatever geeky faces you want them to make.
    Pixel Art magnet.
  2. They make mana from Magic The Gathering
    Pixel Art magnets.
  3. They made make game pixel art
    Pixel Art magnets.
  4. They make cool hair clips
    Pixel art hair clips
  5. They do photography too!
    Cosplayers at NE Geek Expo. Green screen photography.
  6. They make your cosplay look even more awesome.
    An insane Robin. Green screen photography.
  7. They make these Vikings look even more badass.
    NEOVik. Photography.
  8. They also do engagement photos
    Look at this adorably punk rock couple.
  9. And last, but not least, they can make a dragon attack your wedding party.
    Best day of my life.