old poem circa 2012, I think? now in Li.st format
  1. Wake up earlier
  2. Spend less time online
    Spend more time outside Everyday, do something that scares you
  3. Take more deep breaths
    Realize you can't control everything Dance naked to 90s music when no one else is home
  4. Meet new people
    Meet old people - they have better stories Listen to more people's stories
  5. Learn to see things from different angles
    Learn to look for people's better angels
  6. Walk more
  7. Drink more water
    Drink less caffeine Don't leave the coffeepot on when you leave the house
  8. Be more aware of your bad habits
    Be more patient with others
  9. Seek something every day
    Even if you don't find what you've been looking for That's okay
  10. Don't start smoking
    Despite what you may have heard About what it does for stress
  11. Worry less
    About what you cannot change Change what you can
  12. Stop writing in cliches
  13. Stop blaming your inaction on your home town
    Or your parents Or your emotional instability Take responsibility for your inaction
  14. Read more
    You have books on your shelf that you haven't touched
  15. Write by the water
    The white noise of the river helps you think
  16. Return more favors
    People have been kind to you Be kind to more people
  17. Don't small talk
    Small talk is for small minds Don't ruin a conversation by talking too much
  18. Make something every day
    Art, love, decisions, etc
  19. Go to bed earlier