Reasons Why El NiÑo Is the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Me

  1. It's cold
    Not just cold. I'm not that much of a baby. It's VERY cold. I'm from Los Angeles and I'm physically not capable of handling this weather.
  2. I don't have adequate footwear
    I literally own nothing water proof
  3. I don't have adequate clothing
    Again, nothing water proof. I had to go to class the other day when it was raining (normally I wouldn't in such weather conditions but I had to) and because I don't own anything waterproof I was drenched by the time I walked into class and was stuck in damp clothing for 3 hours. I could have gotten pneumonia. And died.
  4. My car hates the rain too
    It's really rough driving a car that hates the rain as much as I do. And also dangerous.
  5. People are generally unhappy when it rains
    We're from California. Our bodies are used to a certain amount of vitamin D. And when we don't get it we get cranky.
  6. My skin is allergic to cold
    I'll save you the details but my body is just not having it with this dry weather.