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  1. love and vibrations from the ones above with no sun from any given gun. the nocturnals amidst all the others rose above with no feelings of love. only sound from a healing harmonic, a symphony of solstice
  1. there's no substitute for time
  2. everything happens for a reason
  3. it is what it is
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  1. though I can't play guitar to save a baby from a burning building(Kanye could save them..and I'm okay with that), it would be such a sweet feeling to walk around draped in Visvim and use words like "quotidian" while people frantically pull out dictionary.com in hopes of comprehending what I say
  1. you end your night watching sports center
  1. I lost a pair of Ray bans in San Francisco
  2. and I don't even feel that bad about it
  3. because I took them from the lost and found at my old job
  4. and now someone else gets to enjoy them as much as I did
  1. I can't stand straight
  2. I shouldn't be touching my balls
  3. I love my friends
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  1. 1.
    Yeah, science. I don't know how the world works microscopically. I'm good with macros. It's that whole "fear what you don't know" idea. Engineers and computer scientists intrigue and scare me all at the same token. Do I know every function of an a7 software chip? No. Do I enjoy the fact that my iPhone tells me what time the next bus gets here? absolutely.
  2. 2.
    Not even losing the fight, just fighting in general. It feels barbaric. I have too many words in my vocabulary to resort to violence. Let's talk it out.
  3. 3.
    Being in a relationship with a girl I don't love
    you're put into a weird predicament. You can't pick up and leave, but you certainty have to acknowledge that somethings not right. The longer you prolong it, the worst it gets. Just Rip the bandaid off
  1. this planet
  2. it's big, but what's big?
  3. Big is subjective
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