1. I still have an AOL email address, which I now use for junk only, e.g. when you're required to list an email online
  2. I'm a work-a-holic
  3. I watch a lot of TV when I'm not working - mostly HBO, AMC, and Showtime
    And I'm a binger and a re-watcher (multiple times) of episodes/shows I love.
  4. I used to be on MySpace
    Those days were fun. I was really good at the coding to make a cool home page. I mean, who doesn't like going to someone's page and be lambasted with loud music (which I changed up weekly!) and lots of gif pics, right?
  5. My dog's full name is Dexter Morgan Walter H. White Maddy O'Riley
  6. I love dogs (particularly MY dog) more than people.
  7. I have to wear glasses to read now.
    It sucks but I love doing that "put the end in the corner of your mouth and try to look sexy" thing.
  8. I LOVE Benihanas!!!
  9. I've been engaged 3 times & married (and divorced) once.
  10. I'm a wanna-be vegetarian
    I'm close to being there, but haven't yet found an alternative protein source that I love enough to sustain me. I've cut back a lot on red meat, though, so that's something. Plus, it's now stone crab season so I'll be eating more fish/shellfish and less chicken now too, so there's that ...
  11. I'm also a wanna-be veterinarian
    Perhaps in my next life.
  12. In my next life I'm going to be, or marry, a musician.
  13. I'm a grammar nazi. I have to exert self-control to not kill people on a daily basis.
  14. I hate people with crappy dog etiquette, and yes, that's a real thing.