I'm hoping other "Lefties" will see this and add what they love to this list.
  1. Its "Lost"-like qualities
    A la"I don't understand WTF is happening but I love trying to figure it out!"
  2. Justin Theroux, particularly when he is jogging in sweat pants
    That ranks up there with Jon Hamm walking in khakis
  3. The writing and acting are fantastic
    Ann Dowd and Amy Brenneman are so great!
  4. Carrie Coon
    I'd never seen her in anything else before - she's a beautiful, talented actress.
  5. You have to watch it at least twice because too much is missed on one viewing
    Damon Lindelof likes to layer ...
  6. Extending on the above, it's also one of the shows you need to watch live
    It's must-see TV. Oops, I mean, it's must-see HBO. The shows on at the same time have commercials anyway ("The Walking Dead" and "The Good Wife") so they require DVR treatment for later uninterrupted viewing.
  7. Did I mention Justin Theroux yet?
  8. The entire time I watch it, I just think, "Nicely done, Jennifer Aniston."
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