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I love to travel. I wish we had more time to get a few more trips in over the next year. But I'm happy with the plans. We might be able to squeeze another trip or two to Vegas and California.
  1. Sedona - Hiking Memorial Day weekend
  2. Vegas - Catch some shows, foodie heaven, and a little gambling
  3. LA - See Adele at Staples Center
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This my list of dresm vacations, luxury style only. A girl can dream......
  1. Singapore
  2. Australia
  3. Tuscany
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  1. Any cast member of Hamilton, would love to see this musical and be in it.
  2. Michelle Obama, she is the epitome of a strong american woman. Plus to have arms that I could show off!
    Anderson Cooper. Because he has access to interviewing the most influential people in the world.
  3. Margaret Cho, because I have never had the courage to tell a super dirty joke.
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  1. Antelope Canyon Great trip
  2. Finally an opportunity to use selfie stick. Beach in Southern California.
  3. Sad day, our beloved cacti fell over.
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