Thank you @dad3 for this request! Here we go!
  1. 1 regret
    In 1996, I was in the middle of purchasing my very first flat in London, England. But I got sick and I pulled out of the deal. If only I knew then what I know now - that the era of small deposits and low interest rates would NEVER happen again! 😢
  2. 1 moment of pride
    1991 - when I graduated from Cambridge and my parents, siblings and godmother were there to share that incredible moment with me. My parents worked bloody hard at awful jobs to make life better for me and my sisters. ❤️
  3. 1 dream
    A cure for cancer! Dreams do come true, right? 🙏🏾
  4. 1 fantasy
    Me - Idris Elba - freshly laundered bedding. Hand cuffs. 😈