Woo hoo! Huge thanks and appreciation to everyone who has made this experience so magical, informative, SO FUNNY but often so heartbreaking. I have learned A LOT! Here are just 12 of my favourite lists and listers:
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    Black Lives Matter - Black Lives Matter - so many fantastic lists. I could not choose one. But THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO LISTED! @ijeoma @shanaz @boygirlparty @kbon @JennyJLee @ashleyapproved to name just a few πŸ’œ
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    The best description EVER! (Also, how I knew that the li.st community was a great place for me). Thank you @bisexual : I Just Ate Kale for the First Time
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    I had to include her or she might have killed me or something, idk. She has been incredibly kind and hilariously funny; but also heartfelt (Brexit); passionate (Black Lives Matter, terrorism, so many things). Here's one of my fave lists from Ms Fav (which might get me sacked or dismissed or banned) : Countries if they were Mean Girls characters
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    This list just MELTS my heart! O M Goodness, he's not even MY President but *starts to tear up* Thank you @xtineengels : PICTURES OF OBAMA WITH SMALL CHILDREN THAT MAKE ME SWOON LIKE A DELICATE PEACH BLOSSOM
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    His list requests have prompted me to write some of my most popular lists! Here's a recent one from him that made me laugh: 🐐🐐🐐Goat themed films 🐐🐐🐐
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    "Call me John"
    This list made me WEEP WITH JOY! All of it. Thank you @madeline : What It's Like To Meet A Real Superhero
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    His brilliant Euro2016 sweepstake generated HUNDREDS of comments from the quarter finals onwards : Euros Last One Stading
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    This from @nathanveshecco:
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    So many awesome lists from @kaydbug89!
    Film trivia! TV trivia! Music trivia! πŸ“½πŸ“ΊπŸ“»
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    Super grateful to @kcupcaker for taking me under her wing right from the start! πŸ˜—