... I started in my current role. I'd been working in Canada for four years, and coming back to headquarters was tough. But I have learned a few lessons in the last year:
  1. You will miss your friends and colleagues in Canada. A LOT!
    But it's OK! It shows that you love and respect them. And a few of them will come to London for a visit, and you'll love taking them to see your hometown.
  2. You won't miss your aggressive monster of a boss, nor your passive aggressive manager.
    Which is FINE! You are now better equipped to handle those kinds of behaviour and you are able to appreciate senior managers who listen, explain and lead in an assertive manner.
  3. You'll grow in confidence as the year goes on.
    Don't worry about your slow and hesitant start. It will take a while to cast off the gloom and doom from your previous line managers. You have a lot of work experience to share with your team.
  4. You'll learn new skills.
    Which will stand you in good stead for the next 12 months and beyond.