I was informed that I had cancer. I remember those first few hours after my diagnosis so well - and my reactions to the news:
  1. Incomprehension
    I honestly could not understand what my doctor was telling me.
  2. Disbelief
    My brain tried to process this by convincing me that the medical staff must have got my test results mixed up with some other person's tests.
  3. Tears
    I started to cry and I just could not stop.
  4. Frantic worrying
    I had just started my dream job and I did not know what would happen next.
  5. Heavy heart
    I had to tell my family and friends about my diagnosis. I told a few people but it was so upsetting that I asked my parents to do it. And you all know from my lists just how fab my parents are; I could not have got through this without them. 💜