Or, an alternative title: The Great Fire of London
  1. Sunday 2 September, 1666 🔥
    The fire starts in a bakery in Pudding Lane. The fire spreads rapidly, heading west. In a bid to contain the conflagration, wide scale demolition of buildings starts on Sunday evening.
  2. Monday 3 September, 1666 🔥🔥
    The fire starts moving north, to the heart of the City of London. Civil order breaks down. Foreigners are targeted and blamed for the disaster.
  3. Tuesday 4 September, 1666 🔥🔥🔥
    The fire spreads across the City of London and St Paul's Cathedral is destroyed. Gunpowder is used to demolish buildings at a faster rate. The wind begins to die down.
  4. Wednesday 5 September, 1666 🔥
    The fire is finally put out, but there are isolated, smaller fires in and around the devastated area. The fire is stopped at Pye Corner.