An alternative title might be: 50 years of hurt! Because on this day in 1966, England won the World Cup! ⚽️ They really haven't come close since then... BUT WHY???
  1. Home advantage?
    This was probably critical to the team's success.
  2. The manager?
    Sir Alf Ramsey had played for the national team, and as manager, he demanded (and got) complete control of all aspects of the team, including team selection.
  3. The players?
    A complete team of experts in their respective positions, from Banks in goal, to Captain Fantastic, Moore.
  4. Maybe we should stop comparing England teams to the 1966 iteration???
    It just adds unnecessary pressure! Are you listening, English media & broadcasters? Ugh!
  5. What do you guys think?
    @Waddy @alexim and everyone else! Jump right in @Kee_mcg! And any other ⚽️ fan - let me know!
  6. Thank you!
  7. I think The England Teams of Recent have been more a team of Individuals who don't link well together... They all want to be the hero... Also I think the brand of the premier league has ruined the English National Team as it hyped up some players... English media adds unnecessary pressure... But Big Sam will be interesting
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  8. First thing to note we had a cracking team in 70 and came close in Italia 90.
    Suggested by @Waddy
  9. In terms of why we have not replicated this success we have not built our football system round success in national tournament football. As @Kee_mcg points assutly out we have built it round the premiership. Causing Ever growing inequality in the game (clubs going to the wall for the lack of one weeks player wages in the premiership;
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  10. It has also caused a lack of development of English players and more importantly English coaches at all levels. Most importantly no development of a system of English football a philosophy as you will.
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